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Dimension: 10cm x 7.1cm x 1cm

APR60XX V3G3 Demo Board
User Manual


§  Multi-level analog storage
   - High quality audio recording and playback

§  Dual mode storage of analog and/or digital Data  
   - Eliminates the need for separate digital memory

§  Advanced, non-volatile Flash memory technology
   - No battery backup required

§  SPI interface
   - Allows any commercial micro-controller to control the device

§  Programmable Sampling Clock
   - Allows user to choose quality and duration leve

§  Single 3V power supply

§  Low power consumption
   - Playback operating current: 15mA typical
   - Standby current: 1uA maximum
   - Automatic power-down

§  Multiple package options available
   - CSP, TSOP, PDIP, Bare Die

§  On-board clock prescaler
   - Eliminates the need for external clock dividers

§  Automatic squelch circuit

   - Reduces background noise during quiet passages


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