proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR1004/aIVR1004/Writer/AIVR20W.jpg
Dimension: 12.4cm x 9.7cm x 4.2cm

P/N: aIVR20W (PCB NO: 7181)
TO burn the dat file into IC
Feature USB PORT
Adaptor NO Additional adaptor is needeed for DIP package, SOP adaptor is required for SOP package
User Manual English version


proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR1004/aIVR1004/Demodoard/aivr_dbs.jpg
Dimension: 38mm x 51mm

                                   P/N: aIVRDBS
User Manual English version

proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR8511/Demodoard/aivr_dbt_a.jpg
                                   P/N: aIVRDBT
User Manual English version

proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR1004/aIVR1004/copier/aivr1to8-copier.jpg

proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR8511/copier/aIVR20C8-SOP(20PIN).PNG

P/N: aIVR20C8-DIP / aIVR20C8-SOP20
User Manual English version

Standard CMOS process.

Embedded EPROM.

Embedded 8-bit MCU.

85sec voice duration at 6 KHz sampling with 4-bit ADPCM compression.

Combination of voice building blocks to extend playback duration.

Table entries are available for voice block combinations.

User selectable PCM or ADPCM data compress.

Voice Group Trigger Options: Edge/Level; Hold/Un-hold; Retrigger/Non-retrigger.

Programmable I/Os, Timer Interrupt and Watch Dog Timer.

Built-in oscillator with fixed Rosc, software control sampling frequency.

2.2V – 3.6V single power supply and < 5uA low stand-by current.

PWM Vout1 and Vout2 drive speaker directly with two levels of volume


D/A COUT with ramp-up ramp-down option to drive speaker through an external


    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR8511/aIVR8511_BLOCK_DIAGRAM.jpg

    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR8511/aIVR8511_typical_applications-1.jpg

    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR8511/aIVR8511_typical_applications-2.jpg

    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aMTP777_11H/未命名.PNG 
      Aplus’ aIVR8511  is a 8-bit MCU based Voice chip. It is fabricated with Standard CMOS process with embedded voice storage
      memory. It can store 85sec voice message with 4-bit ADPCM compression at 6KHz sampling rate. 8-bit PCM is also available
      as user selectable option to improve sound quality.  There are eleven programmable I/O pins.  Key trigger and Parallel CPU 
      trigger mode can be configured according to different application requirement.  User selectable triggering and output signal
      options provide maximum flexibility to various applications. Built-in resistor controlled oscillator, 8-bit current mode D/A output
      and PWM direct speaker driving output minimize the number of external components.  Two levels volume control for PWM
      speaker direct drive is available.