proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR1004/aIVR1004/Writer/AIVR20W.jpg
Dimension: 12.4cm x 9.7cm x 4.2cm

P/N: aIVR20W (PCB NO: 7181)
TO burn the dat file into IC
Feature USB PORT
OS Win XP , Win 7
User Manual English version


proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR341N/aIVR341N/Demodoard/341NDBS.PNG

P/N: 341NDBS
User Manual English version

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proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR8511/copier/aIVR20C8-SOP(20PIN).PNG

proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR341N/aIVR341N/copier/aivr20c8-sop24.jpg

             P/N: aIVR20C8-DIP 
User Manual English version

●Standard CMOS process.

●Embedded EPROM.

●Embedded 8-bit MCU.

●341sec voice duration at 6 KHz sampling with 4-bit ADPCM compression.

●Combination of voice building blocks to extend playback duration.

●Table entries are available for voice block combinations.

●User selectable PCM or ADPCM data compress.

●Voice Group Trigger Options: Edge/Level; Hold/Un-hold; Retrigger/Non-retrigger.

●Programmable I/Os, Timer Interrupt and Watch Dog Timer.

●Built-in oscillator with fixed Rosc, software control sampling frequency

●2.4V – 3.6V single power supply and < 5uA low stand-by current.

●PWM Vout1 and Vout2 drive speaker directly.

●D/A COUT with ramp-up ramp-down option to drive speaker through an external 

●Volume control.

●Maximum 9-bit resolution.

●Internal Power-up reset circuit built-in; RSTB provides external controlled reset to
  the chip.


    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR341N/aIVR341N/aIVR341N_BLOCK_DIAGRAM.jpg

    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR341N/aIVR341N/aIVR341N_typical_applications-1.jpg

    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aIVR Family Mcu Vioce/aIVR341N/aIVR341N/aIVR341N_typical_applications-2.jpg


    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aMTP777_11H/未命名.PNG

      Aplus’ aIVR341N is a 8-bit MCU based Voice chip. It is fabricated with Standard CMOS process with embedded voice storage
      memory.It can store 341sec voice message with 4-bit ADPCM compression at 6KHz sampling rate.8-bit PCM is also available
      as user selectable option to improve sound quality. There are upto fifteen programmable I/O pins. Key trigger and Parallel CPU
      trigger mode can be configured according to different application requirement.  User selectable triggering and output signal
      options provide maximum flexibility to various applications.  Built-in resistor controlled oscillator, 9-bit resolution current mode 
      D/A output and PWM direct speaker driving minimize the number of external components.  Volume control for both DAC and
      VOUT output is available.