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proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aP89 Family Easy Vioce/aP8910A/aP8910A/Writer/aP89W24USB.jpg
Dimension: 12.4cm x 9.7cm x 4.2cm

P/N: aP89W24USB (PCB NO: 7181)
TO burn the DPM file into IC
Feature USB PORT
User Manual English version


proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aP89 Family Easy Vioce/aP8910A/aP8910A/Demodoard/aP89XS_DB20A.jpg
Dimension: 3.6cm x 2.2 cm x 1.2 cm

User Manual English version

proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aP89 Family Easy Vioce/aP8910A/aP8910A/Demodoard/aP89XX_DBTR20A.jpg

User Manual English version


proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aP89 Family Easy Vioce/aP8910A/aP8910A/copier/aP89C16A-M2.jpg
Dimension: 18.3 cm x 12.2cm x 2.5cm

P/N: aP89C16A-M2
       User Manual
English version


●512Kbit EPROM 内蔵

●6KHz サンプリング、4-bit ADPCM 圧縮で21 秒の音声長



●音声ブロック組合せのための 960 のテーブルエントリー可能

●PCM かADPCM データー圧縮をユーザーが選択可能

●2種のトリガーモード 可能(EPROMのプログラム オプション)

  ◆キートリガーモード          CPU パラレルトリガーモード

●音声グループ トリガーオプション:Edge/Level; Hold/Un-hold; Retrigger/Non-retrigger

●IC全体へのオプション:Ramp / No-ramp;  出力オプション; Key / CPU trigger mode

●RST ピンのHIGH で、再生を直ちに停止



●2.6V-5.0V の単一電源、< 5uA の低スタンバイ電流

●スピーカーを直接駆動する PWM Vout1、Vout2

●外部接続 BJT(バイポーラTr) を介してスピーカーを駆動するD/A COUT



     proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aP89 Family Easy Vioce/aP8921A/aP8921A/aP8921A_BLOCK_DIAGRAM.jpg

    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aP89 Family Easy Vioce/aP8921A/aP8921A/aP8921A_typical_applications-1.jpg


    proimages/Otp Voice Ic/aMTP777_11H/未命名.PNG
    aP8921A series high performance Voice OTP is fabricated with Standard CMOS process with embedded 512K bits EPROM.  It can store up to 21sec voice message with 4-bit ADPCM compression at 6KHz sampling rate.  8-bit PCM is also available as user selectable option.  Two trigger modes, simple Key trigger mode and Parallel CPU trigger mode facilitate different user interface.  User selectable triggering and output signal options provide maximum flexibility to various applications.  Built-in resistor controlled oscillator, 8-bit current mode D/A output and PWM direct speaker driving output minimize the number of external components.  PC controlled programmer and developing software are available.